Mudroom Membership Program CC

All monthly and quarterly members receive 25% off supplies (excludes clay and major equipment. Members receive next highest volume price on clay purchases).

Studio Day Fee - $15.

Ideal for those needing equipment and tools to complete a short-term project. You'll have access to potters wheels (we have Skutt, Brent, Shimpo VL-Whisper, Shimpo VL-Lite to choose from);  several tables for hand building (you'll find slump, hump, sprig and press tools readily accessible beneath these tables); equipment that includes a full-sized slab roller, wall-mounted extruder, hand-held extruder; Masonite and plastic bats; and assorted throwing and hand building tools from Xiem, Dirty Girl, Royal, Mudtools, and Kemper.  We'll even provide 1 shelf of storage space (Dimensions: 48" Long x 18" Wide x 16" High).

Regular Membership - Monthly and Quarterly

Includes all equipment and tools listed in the Day Fee description - PLUS access to Studio Glazes - both dipping and brushing. Should you wish to use other glazes found in the store - you can purchase them at a discount of 25% off regular store prices

Firing Membership - Monthly and Quarterly

Need a place to have work fired? A Firing Membership may be just what you're looking for! Membership entitles you to 5 kiln loads per month - either full or partial loads. Membership also entitles you to exclusive firings - all the work in the kiln is yours - no shared space! We have three kilns from which you can choose:

  • Skutt KM 1018 4.6 cubic feet 23 x 23 inch opening 18 inch depth
  • Skutt KM1627 18.5 cubic feet 46 x 31 inch opening 27 inch depth
  • Skutt KM1227 9.9 cubic feet 28 x 28 inch opening 27 inch depth

You also receive a shelf for storage space (Dimensions: 48" Long x 18" Wide x 16" High)

NOTE: Unused kiln firings do not carry over to the next month

Premier Membership - Monthly and Quarterly

The Big Kahuna! Premier Membership includes EVERYTHING listed above (you'll get 4 kiln loads per month instead of the 5 with the Firing Membership)

NOTE: Unused kiln firings do not carry over to the next month